Norman Adami was delighted to join the pre-eminent Stud Game Breeders towards the end of the 2010 game season.

A long-time South African Breweries Executive, Adami has pursued his lifelong passion for wildlife since the 1990s, and has developed a reputation as a high quality game breeder.

Adami joins a group of proven game breeders with a wealth of experience, and his membership of Stud Game Breeders follows on the heels of Cyril Ramaphosa, who joined the group in July 2010.

The members are not only dedicated to helping elevate the professionalism and best-practices of the game industry, but also believe in contributing to the sustainable future of the game industry in South Africa.

“Stud Game Breeders is always thinking ahead, they are among the trendsetters and are often the ones shaping and driving progress within the industry. Their leadership and professionalism is energising and inspiring. I feel privileged to be part of this special group of game breeders,” says Adami.

Stud Game Breeders’ aspiration is to build a better future by striving to add value to the wildlife industry. This has clearly made an impression on Adami, who says that a number of aspects stand out for him.

The members focus on continuously seeking out improved genetics in their quest to breed magnificent quality animals. They look to stimulate and shape the development of the wildlife market for the long term by supporting healthy economics as well as increased participation. Also, they share a commitment to draw on their vast experience in assisting new entrants and existing players in the industry. They are now stepping up their efforts to actively encourage and promote black empowerment and participation.

Core to their business philosophy is to always acknowledge and appreciate those breeders and buyers that have supported them over the years and to always act with good faith in all business dealings.

“Norman’s experience in business and game breeding will make a significant contribution to our association as we strive to take things to the next level. We are excited that he has joined us,” said Stud Game Breeders’ chair, Jacques Malan.

The members comprise a strong and balanced group that complement each other and they believe that in association together they can achieve things that they could not necessarily do on their own.