Transformation in South Africa’s Game Industry took another big step forward on 23 January 2014 when the Stud Game Breeders® group announced the eight recipients of educational bursaries totalling R280 000. The bursaries will pay the tuition and accommodation for eight deserving students who will study GAME RANCH MANAGEMENT at Tshwane University of Technology.

“Tranformation is critical to the sustained success of the game breeding industry, and educational efforts like this will be essential,” said Cyril Ramaphosa, speaking on behalf of Stud Game Breeders® (SGB).

Administered by the SGB TRANSFORMATION FUND, the funds for the bursaries were raised by a remarkable auction, with the proceeds dedicated to the support of Transformation in the industry. Each member of the Stud Game Breeders® group contributed to the acquisition of a young golden wildebeest bull called “Sunrise,” which was put up for auction as the first lot of the group’s annual auction in September.

Before the bidding began Mr. Ramaphosa explained to the nearly 1400 people audience comprising mainly game farmers from across the country the importance of Transformation for the industry. He proceeded to then do the auctioning himself. The response was overwhelming and an animal that normally has a market value of around R250 000 fetched a whopping R750 000.

The final bid came from a collective group of 10 game ranches, led by Piet du Toit comprising:

Piet du Toit R300 000
John & Peter Trollope R 50 000
Jaco Troskie R 50 000
Paul Steyn R 50 000
Marius Roothman R 50 000
Stefan Naudé R 50 000
James Kingston R 50 000
Bernard Groenewald R 50 000
Beyers Gerber R 50 000
Norman Adami R 50 000

“We at Stud Game Breeders® are most grateful for the generous contribution by each of the winning group, as well as the enthusiastic participation by a large number of other bidders,” said Mr. Ramaphosa.

The winning group drew lots today to identify the lucky owner of “Sunrise” at a function held at the Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, on 23 January 2014. The new owner is Paul Steyn.

The successful students were congratulated by Stud Game Breeders® and Professor Attie Botha: Head of Nature Conservation at TUT. The names of these deserving students are:

1. Brian Sithole
2. Elliot Ngobeni
3. Khumbudzo Mathaga
4. Makhobotloane Botshelo
5. Ntwanano Hoshoko
6. Nghlanhla Ngele
7. Nicolaas Brand
8. Sibusiso Mkhatshwa

Dr Gert Dry, President of WRSA (Wildlife Ranching South Africa), also presented two additional bursaries to the value of a further R70 000 to 2 other students, namely I. Stols and Ruan Bester.

The innovative auction is latest in a series of initiatives taken by Stud Game Breeders over the past three years to promote Transformation, including:

  • Providing full Bursaries for 2 deserving disadvantaged students at TUT in 2011/12.
  • Hiring of a student on each of the respective members’ farms to facilitate completion of their practical year in 2011/12.
  • Reviewing work conditions on each members’ farms and pursuing development opportunities for promising staff in 2011/12.
  • Donation by Stud Game Breeders® of a Black Impala ewe – the proceeds of which (R220 000) was used to support Transformation by WRSA in 2013.

The effort by Stud Game Breeders® will continue, funded by SGB TRANSFORMATION FUND. Mr. Ramaphosa said, “We have R470 000 remaining, and our members are evaluating numerous transformation initiatives.”

The members of Stud Game Breeders® comprise:

Johan & Nadien Bosch of Dinaka
Jacques & Carolien Malan of Lumarie
Norman Adami of Nyumbu
Cyril & Tshepo Ramaphosa of Phala Phala
Edwin & Heleen Claassen of Shelanti
Tony & Richard Morton of Tembani