Johan and Nadien Bosch are the proud owners of Dinaka Game Reserve. At Dinaka the basic principles of successful breeding will always be fuelled by the trust of our fellow breeders.

Our many blessings led to the following proud announcements:

Our second self-bred Sable bull exceeding 51” at age 5, was measured in February 2016. This affords us the opportunity to offer our sable bull, Mathomo – 52 1/8” as one of the draw cards for the Stud Game Breeder’s ® auction on 3 September 2016.

Various top golden wildebeest bulls, including Botse – 31 4/8” (another major draw card on 3 September), Namib 29 6/8”, Gracias 28 7/8”, and
other 28”+ golden bulls, are breeding in our golden projects. This will ensure that our valued clients can obtain only the best genetics.

The progress with our coffee springbok exceeded our expectations and we have established long term plans to enhance the characteristics of the most beautiful of all the colour variants.

We have built our buffalo herds with our own bred bulls El Toro and Caliber of 48” to satisfaction and will have superb cows or heifers either related or impregnated by them on auction.

A great addition to our black impala projects is a 23 6/8” male in our main breeding herd.

It will be our pleasure to proudly show you not only the above, but also other sought after breeding stock.

At Dinaka, we are committed to our passion and understand how important game ranching is to every client, whether it is your hobby, your investment or your entire livelihood. Customer trust and satisfaction ensures that both we and our clients can grow in this enterprise. We are committed to give every client our very best services.

We want to thank each of you for setting such high standards and expectations, as this motivated us to up-our-game. In return you can continue to build your own proud projects with some of the best Dinaka genetics.


Area: Modimolle

Size: 8,000 ha

Operating Since: 1975

Best known for:

52 1/4” Sable Bull, “Mathomo”.

48”+ Buffalo Bull, “Caliber”.


For an appointment or further information, please contact:

Johan & Nadien Bosch
+27 82 337 4436 | +27 82 576 9677