Stud Game Breeders


Stud Game Breeders was one of the first elite auction groups formed in 2005 and has extensive auction experience. The Stud Game Breeders® name is synonymous with top quality rare species. The annual Stud Game Breeders auction is held on the first Saturday of September at Zebula Golf Estate & Spa, ±45km west of Bela Bela (Warmbaths).

Our story

All five members of the group are established game breeders and have built a reputation of supplying excellent genetics to the industry. Our vision is to continually seek out and improve the genetic material in our quest to reproduce quality stock that has been eliminated through excessive hunting, disease and habitat loss. Stud Game Breeders®’ goal is to breed animals in line with the record specimens that were recorded in the early 1900’s. Magnificent animals, like the buffalo bull of 62 6/8″, serve as a benchmark to what Stud Game Breeders® aim to achieve.

The annual Stud Game Breeders® auction is a unique type of catalogue auction, which we believe is the main reason for our success. Animals are delivered directly from the breeder’s farm onto the buyer’s farm with minimum stress on the animals. A pre-sale farm visit allows buyers to view and judge the animals they wish to purchase in their natural environments, as well as having the opportunity to view the mother stock and sires. 

Stud Game Breeders®’ aim is to supply exceptional animals in the best condition to buyers. Members of Stud Game Breeders have played an integral part in assisting new entrants to the wildlife industry with their setup and planning. We welcome visitors onto our farms to share our vast experience and discuss matters of mutual interest.

Stud Game Breeders have set new standards for the game industry. Our aim is to continue to bring value to the wildlife industry as a whole. Our members work closely together under a strict code of conduct with a combined vision to produce the best possible animals.

We, as members of Stud Game Breeders, are proud of the relationships we have established with buyers who have supported us over the years.

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The annual Stud Game Breeders auction is held on the first Saturday of September at Zebula Golf Estate & Spa. Click below to view the latest auction catalogue.