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5 September 2020
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Stud Game Breeders® values social responsibility in the 21st century with the important role which Hunting Outfitters have in the game industry. As pioneers of commercializing the “conservation by utilization” principle we want to support you in continuing to fulfil this principle. As Stud Game Breeders® we will always strive to breed animals of a quality our forefathers were accustomed to and would have been proud to call their heritage.

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We therefore make quality hunting stock available to you to translocate to a suitable area, but it is our wish that it will be managed in a responsible manner. As land in different parts of our country varies with regard to adaptability, we cannot dictate terms to ensure fair chase, but leave it to your good judgement. Stud Game Breeders® believe that the respect we have for our clients in providing them with exceptional breeding and hunting stock, will always be matched by your respect to provide your clients with an African Adventure to take pride in.

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