Tembani Wildlife is a breeding operation that focuses on genetics and ‘stud’ potential. The Mortons believe that superior stock results in animals of distinction and their farming practices reflect this.

“Quality is the best business plan” – John Lasseter, Pixar

While Tembani Wildlife isn’t in the movie business, this is the business plan that it prescribes to. Ever since this operation started in 1996, the Mortons have had one goal in mind: to produce ever better quality animals, year on year. Tony and Richard Morton privately own Tembani Wildlife, a 3600 hectare private game reserve situated 25km from the town of Thabazimbi in the Limpopo Province. They are known in the industry for their honesty and integrity.  Steve Jobs once said: “The only way to do great work, is to love what you do”. In this regard, the Mortons are on a winning wicket.

New genetics are continually being introduced and only the best mother stock is used. Their track record also reflects this belief. Just look at their young Buffalo bull, Apollo, for example. He is Tembani’s first generation of Hercules sons bred on the farm. He’s only 6 years old and already 48 5/8”, with much room for growth. This is a testament to their winning formula.

It’s not just Buffalo that are treated in this manner. Tembani Wildlife’s other main focus is Sable. With breeding bulls such as Deuce, Katavi, Variani, Luando and Big Easy, their Sable are also showing signs of exceptional breeding. Through Variani, Tembani have bred bulls like Kangara who measures 52 ¼” at only 4 years and 10 months and Gamula who last measured 50 ¼” at just 51 months. Both of these bulls are destined to break 55” and should rank as number 1 and 2 in the country by 2019. Nyala, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Golden Wildebeest, Kings Wildebeest, Golden Kings Wildebeest, Black Impala, Saddle-backed Impala, White Impala, Coffee Springbok, Golden and Red Gemsbok, Livingstone Eland and Kudu, are all bred with these practices in mind. Take note of their Kudu bull, Mr Wow who was last measured at 70 1/8 and still growing strongly.

While Tony and Richard are full time, hands on farmers, they also employ the expertise of Hanru Strydom (Wildlife Manager) and Marnus Moolman (Maintenance Manager). This team is passionate about the industry and firmly believe in operating with the high standards and integrity that their clients have come to expect from Tembani Wildlife.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit Tembani Wildlife and see for themselves.


Area: Thabazimbi

Size: 3,600 ha

Operating Since: 1996 

Best known for:

52 ¼” Sable Bull, “Kangara”.

48″ Buffalo Bull, “Hercules”.

49 7/8″+ Sable Bull, “Deuce”.


For an appointment or further information, please contact:

Richard Morton, Tony Morton or Hanru Strydom
+27 83 778 0628 | +27 83 442 7334 | +27 82 825 6254